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Ponies Supporting People

Join us in the heart of the quiet, Cambridgeshire Countryside, and fulfil all your Riding and Horsemanship dreams!


Introducing children to Riding and Horsemanship offers a wealth of benefits. It's an opportunity for them to develop essential life skills while forming a unique bond with our ponies. 

All our activities provide learning through equine interactions, creating a safe space, enabling calm connection and the opportunity to gain new skills and meet new friends.

Working with our ponies in a variety of ways, helps to develop connection and understanding, gaining trust and instilling confidence between pony and handler, leading to friendship and a partnership.

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Pony Pals Pony Club

Our Pony Pals Pony Club sessions are two hours in duration and combine Horsemanship, Riding and gaining of our Pony Club Achievement Badges. These sessions run on Saturdays.

Suitable for children from 5 years old, our groups sizes are small, (up to a maximum of 4 riders) and they are the perfect combination of riding and Horsemanship, leading to an all round pony owning experience. 

Trial Sessions

Our trial sessions are the perfect way to get to know us and meet our ponies. These sessions last for 30 minutes and incorporate some pony grooming and then a short ride. Suitable for all, these are available on Thursday, Saturdays and at times, by request. 

Childrens Riding Groups/Tiny Tots Lead Rein Lessons

Our Childrens Riding Groups run weekdays and weekends. These offer formal riding tuition in our grass arena and out on our farm hacks. Lessons will consist of various types of tuition, including but not limited to, learning basic schooling shapes, riding over poles, riden pony agility courses, and learning all the basics requirements of safe riding. Children will be on the lead rein for as long as required and will have a staff member to look after them. We prioritise safety, fun and professional age appropriate tuition. 

Private sessions

Our private riding sessions are available as 30 or 45 minute sessions. These offer the same tuition and content as our group rides but are ideal for those who would prefer to ride individually. Individual sessions mean we can go completely at our riders pace and time can be taken where needed to further develop confidence and skills. 

Horsemanship Huddle Pony Club - Non-ridden

Our Horsemanship Huddle Pony Club Sessions provide learning through equine interactions and the opportunity to gain Pony Club Badges.

In addition to covering all the basics of pony care and handling, we create a safe space, enabling calm connection and the opportunity to gain new skills and meet new friends.

Holiday Activities

Across the school holidays we offer various activities that you can get involved in. 

Our Little Rider Series offers full days, half days and hour and a half sessions to ensure we are all inclusive and have something for all abilities and ages. 

Please contact us for further details regarding our holiday activities. 

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