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Welcome to Little Hooves Equine

Discover the world of horses and ponies

Welcome to Little Hooves Equine, where well-being, connection, and mindfulness meet horsemanship. As a Riding School and Pony Club Linked Centre, we prioritize nurturing the bond between horses and humans.


Our holistic approach emphasizes mental and emotional wellness alongside expert training. Experience the transformative power of equine friendships and the joy of riding in a supportive environment. Join us and discover the profound connection between humans and horses at Little Hooves Equine.


About Us


Hi! I’m Natalie, founder of Little Hooves Equine. With over 20 years in the equine industry, I'm a British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach, experienced in coaching riders of all ages and abilities and managing equestrian centres.


At Little Hooves, we unite ponies and people, fostering compassionate communication and mutual understanding. Our passion lies in nurturing relationships built on respect, kindness, and understanding, ensuring both humans and ponies enjoy each other's company. We provide instruction in riding, stable management, pony care, and horsemanship.


Our sessions are engaging, educational, and hands-on with our ponies. As a Pony Club Linked Centre, children can earn official Pony Club Achievement Badges and awards. We pride ourselves on our fun, interactive, and structured learning environment, using diverse teaching methods to cover topics from grooming to horse anatomy. Our sessions blend practical pony care with theoretical activities, incorporating worksheets, arts and crafts, and games to enhance learning.

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